Welcoming Spring

Jen Boutet Photography spring flowers around CharlottesvilleThese beautiful flowers are just a sampling of images I captured on a walk through the west gardens at the University of Virginia. The cherry blossoms were already dropping their pale pink confetti on the paths, but many fluffy blooms still clung to the trees for me to photograph. After a nice visit with Noble, a canine resident of one of the gardens I photographed an amazing Wisteria bloom that was dangling from a thick and ancient vine. I believe the other flower photographed is a wisteria bloom, with the sun peeking through from behind.

Whatever time of year, I think the gardens on UVA’s campus are a must see for visitors and residents alike.

Some tips for photographing flowers:

  • Go when the sun is near the horizon, early in the morning or in the evening. The light at dawn and dusk is most beautiful.
  • Get as close to the flowers as you can, and fill your frame with your subject.
  • Simplify. Instead of trying to photograph an entire bed of flowers, get close and focus on just one flower in the group.
  • Try unique angles. Try getting level with the blooms, or photographing straight down on them.
  • Play with your aperture. The wider you set the aperture, the more the background blurs. This keeps the focus on just the bloom you want to capture.


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